HON Empower Benching Systems represent a new benching system, designed for the modern workplace to be easy in every way. We visited office design in NYC experts, Manhattan Office Design, an accomplished office furniture dealer in NYC and one of the fastest-growing companies in America, to help us. Once in their HON Showroom, they gave us this wonderful list of features from one of the best pieces of office furniture in NYC: the HON Empower Bench Systems and Workstations.

HON Empower

How can you use HON Empower Benching Systems Effectively

Below are some ways you can empower your employees with the HON Empower Benching System and address some of those concerns.

Offer a more private alternative

HON Empower

As we said before, don’t rely entirely on benching systems for your office design. Try to incorporate more private alternatives like booths and private offices and offer your employees to chance to easily move from one place to another for phone conversations or more deep work.

The Hon Empowe Benching System allows you to incorporate division panels, easy to customize for each individual’s needs. Let’s hope Sally from sales, who can’t stop talking about her weekend, gets the hint.

Cultivate better work habits

If you’re an employee, benching systems are not for you, and there’s no way around it, you can focus on what’s on your control. Start with your own workstation. An unorganized workstation will skew the way you think and feel.

The things you surround yourself with will have a major impact on productivity. Clutter in your workstation will affect your attention, your performance at work, and increase your stress.

Keep a clean workspace, add some personal items (plants and photos are perfect), inspiring books. It only takes a few little changes to make your workstation a place you can settle in and get some work done.

Reduce office noise

When it comes to open-plan offices, reducing office noise is a must. While any noise is tried to reduce cognitive performance, no matter where you are, the biggest setback of benching systems is being able to hear other people’s conversations.

Have you ever tried to block out a conversation once you’re aware of it? It’s just as distracting as listening to one. See if your workplace offers more private places and use noise-canceling headphones if necessary. You’ll be happier and more productive.

And that brings us to… 

Choose the right playlist to get work done.

HON Empower

Did you know certain sorts of songs are better suited for productivity and focus? If you’re doing research or working on something new, try to choose a playlist with classical or instrumental music. If you’re solving a problem, whether it is coding or writing, music in a range of 50-80 BPM with minimal lyrics is best. 

If you can’t simply work with music but still want to avoid distractions, you can still wear headphones. This will (hopefully) communicate your coworkers that you’re listening to something and they’ll be less inclined to talk to you.

Go nuclear

Set some ground rules with your coworkers about which parts of your working day are best suited for collaboration and conversation and which ones are best for private, deep work.

You can also set an  “interruption stoplight” to halt drive-by distractions and communicate your coworkers you’re not to be disturbed.

Empower benching fits more people into a smaller area without sacrificing privacy, style or productivity. It helps you respond to changes in your organization by easily adapting and expanding to support new team members and varying work styles. Empower has the scalability to support your growing business as future needs arise.

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